Pathe Actuelle Speaker Cone


nitratefury: Greetings, all! I just bought a nice and functional Columbia Grafonola K-5 and want to know how to clean the wood inside the lid and protect the beautiful decal in there. Here is a picture: Jan 10, 2014 22:39:33 GMT -6
nitratefury: Jan 10, 2014 22:39:52 GMT -6
nitratefury: Notice the grayish splotches--that's what I want to remove. A colleague has recommended Kotton Klenser for the rest of the cabinet, Jan 10, 2014 22:41:33 GMT -6
ginny: I have a Standard Amplifying Horn for a talking machine and it is a Mamma size at 36.5" blk trunk with brass bass what is and aprox cost Jun 24, 2014 13:50:40 GMT -6
proboards1234: Hi. Do you want to buy a good and better machine? You can go in this site you can find a better Milling Machine in this site. :) Jul 30, 2014 0:51:45 GMT -6 *